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Just Say No – Is It Time To Eliminate Drug Testing in Sports?

an oldie but maybe a goodie?

Sports By Sharona

I used to be a big supporter of drug testing in sports. It was necessary to protect the integrity of the game I proselytized. Cheaters have no place in sports I argued repeatedly. Athletes are role models and we must protect them from themselves I raged. Ok, I didn’t do that last one but that is a common refrain in the argument. It is also completely wrong and so was I. I was completely and utterly wrong.

For the record I was always against blood testing. Not only is it invasive but it has the potential to reach far far beyond its original intention of detecting for illegal doping. One of the biggest problems I have with drug testing is the overreaching we are currently seeing. Color me also worried about the World Anti Doping Association. You think they don’t have self preservation issues at stake in this debate. The simple truth…

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