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Back Talk Weekly Roundup August 26

Busy week here at Back Talk as we hosted three regular podcasts instead of the typical two. We generally try to accommodate guests and their schedule and it just worked out that way. Next week we will return to a regular schedule of two weekly podcasts and hopefully at least one episode of Down and Dirty With Sharona.

Monday’s show featured a discussion with Officer Darren Clark of People Focused Policing on the deadly events that went down nationwide, and in Dallas, not long ago, and how we can best improve communication between law enforcement and the communities they serve. This is an ongoing conversation and we remain committed to making sure people remember those who unwillingly and tragically lost their lives to this conversation. You can follow Officer Darren on twitter at @DarrenC347.

Monday’s podcast

On Wednesday’s show we returned to a more sports centric format. First, we had a discussion with OJ Spivey (@OJPhilly) on the 2016 Rio Olympics, Simone Manuel and what it means to the community to see these success stories, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Our Denver Broncos correspondent, Jennifer Eakins (@themondaymommy), also joined us to provide an update ogn the quarterback situation and whether that defense will be as stout as it was last year. Hint: It might be better. We also got our weekly #FantasyFootballFix and an update on her work at 4 For 4 Football (@4for4football).

Wednesday’s podcast

On Friday we had our weekly chat with Matt  Wood (w00dstok) where we “chopped it up” on our lack of compassion and empathy in the social media era. How can we improve our conversations and keep our communities free of fear and loathing? We will continue this conversation as well.

Friday’s podcast

Thing we didn’t write but wish we did

This week Sharona wrote a farewell to Gawker that you can read here. The thing she didn’t write, but wish she had, was this amazing piece by Jeb Lund for Rolling Stone on why Gawker mattered (yes it absolutely did). True story: Sharona almost called her Gawker piece Goodbye Lover.

You can follow Sharona on twitter at @SportsBySharona and you can find our individual Back Talk interviews posted on Spreaker here. Have a great weekend and remember to be kind to one another.


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