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Predicting the Final 53, a Titans Roster Tradition

Sports By Sharona

Predicting the Titans roster prior to final cut downs has been a tradition here. So while we don’t write much on them anymore here is our very bad #TAEK on the “final” 53 just prior to the Tuesday cut down date.

Predicting the roster was hard because the Titans are in the middle of yet another rebuild but there is hope they have the right man in new General Manager Jon Robinson. Head coach Mike Mularkey hasn’t seen a ton of success in the NFL but one could argue he hasn’t been given a ton of tools to help him either.

Regardless, the Titans play in the pre-season has shown signs of improvement particularly on offense where predicting was a lot easier than the defense. Having said that, this year is one of the rare times I agree with putting 3 QBs on the roster.

On defense, the Titans could…

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