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You Keep Running (Away) Podcast Wrap Up

Back Talk took on several issues today including the recent settlement by Fox News to Gretchen Carlson, among others, as well as the departure of Greta Van Susteran. The Fox settlement is significant in so many ways and not just because the monetary amount (reportedly $20 million) is so high.

First, and foremost, the bravery of the many women coming forward to speak on issues such as abuse and harassment should not be underscored nor should it be ignored. It takes a lot to make that decision because you know the repercussions will be swift, sneaky and subtle. These repercussions won’t always be hard to prove. You are exposing yourself, and your career, to a system that is largely unsympathetic and broken. Its a system that puts the victims on trial and dehumanizes her while the alleged perpetrator historically gets excuses and forgiveness.

Second, the solidarity of women across all boundaries is important. Once Carlson filed her lawsuit, many women came forward with support and their own stories as well. As with Bill Cosby, the sheer volume was impossible to ignore. The lessons learned from the Cosby story and the Fox scandal will resonate for years to come. Hopefully, progress and change will come as well.

Last, but certainly not least, Fox News did something virtually unprecedented in its settlement agreement. It admitted liability and pledged to make changes. Typically, settlements come with no admission of guilt even if promises of change are part and parcel of the agreement. The acknowledgement that the allegations of harassment at Fox is wrong and will not be tolerated sends a huge message that women must be treated professionally.

It is incumbent on women to make sure this message, and these lessons, are not forgotten.

In “Chopping It Up” with my buddy Matt Wood (@w00dstok) we discussed the closure of ITT Technical Institute and the impact it will have on secondary education. Our educational system is likewise. Many who avail themselves of post high school education in search of greener pastures only find their selected field has turned a muddy brown and are left with crushing debt. Something must be done to clean up this mess and ensure that bloat, mishandling and institutional corruption isn’t shouldered by students alone.

In our final segment, we welcomed Ed Kracz (@kracze) of Calkins Media to the show with a great look at the trade between the Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles that sent Dorial Green-Beckham to Philly in exchange for rotational offensive lineman Dennis Kelly. We looked at the role DGB will have in the receiving game and who will likely see the most targets.

We also discussed Demarco Murray’s one season with the Eagles and concerns over his productivity. The Chip Kelly era was rife with conflict which certainly played a role. How big of a role will Darren Sproles play and how many touches to expect from Ryan Matthews this year were also on the agenda.

Finally, we discussed the Sam Bradford trade and expectations for Carson Wentz given the offensive line situation. Will a return to the 4-3 defense play help the young quarterback who shouldn’t need to put the team on his back? How big of a year will Fletcher Cox have? Most importantly, does former Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz still listen to metal? We ask these important questions here folks.

Tune in Friday to hear us preview the Minnesota Vikings versus Tennessee Titans tilt this Sunday with Andy Carlson of Purple For The Win. We will also chat about the New York Jets and new Titans tight end Jace Amaro with Jeff Lloyd. Finally, your weekly fantasy football fix with Lisa London.

You can listen to today’s podcast here.


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