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Thunder Road Podcast Wrap Up

In Friday’s edition of Back Talk The Podcast we took on the NFL and its abject failure to properly enforce its own rules in the wake of last night’s beating rendered to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Newton and his head were targeted repeatedly by the Denver Broncos defense and  yet the officials conveniently overlooked it the entire game. Oh wait, they did call one instance late in the fourth quarter but had the gall to call Newton for intentional grounding as well because his pass didn’t reach the line of scrimmage.

The penalties offset because apparently getting your head beat in is as bad as your pass not reaching the line of scrimmage.

The concussion protocol is important but its far more important for game officials to do their job. The concussion protocol is only the end result of illegal hits and should not be used as a primary means of stopping them. You should of course be concerned but to correct the issue you have to address the source.

It is incumbent on game officials to nip bad behavior in the bud at its inception. They are the gatekeeper through which bad behavior is funneled. It either stops or escalates depending on how the officials handle it. Last night, they failed and the league must address it.

Today we also welcomed Jeff Lloyd (@Jeff_LJ_Lloyd) to the show with his rundown on the New York Jets, their offseason and the quarterback position. Whether Ryan Fitzpatrick can put together two good years in a row plus how many touches will Matt Forte and Bilal Powell see individually and collectively were also on the agenda. We got you a Jace Amaro scouting report as well and Lloyd’s thoughts on Thursday Night Football and the headhunting by the Broncos defense.

Next, we brought you the weekly Fantasy Football Fix with Lisa London (@leedoglaw) of Fantasy Sharks. We discussed whether you should trust CJ Anderson’s debut, the Panthers wide receiver splits, plus deep sleepers and more. Her appearance isn’t complete without some Ryan Tannehill shade and a discussion of the Dolphins roster and expectations. Hint: That defense should be #good.

Finally, we played our preview of the Minnesota Vikings versus Tennessee Titans tilt with Andy Carlson (@AndyCarlson) of Purple FTW! Podcast (@PurpleForTheWin) fame. Will it be Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford at quarterback for the Vikings. Better yet does it matter? How many touches collectively will both teams’ running backs see in this game. Tune in to find out.

You can listen to today’s podcast here.




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