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Land Down Under Podcast Wrap Up

Today we talked Katie Nolan, Bart Hubbuch and twitter trolls. AGAIN. I missed all the brouhaha yesterday with Bart Hubbuch currently or possibly formerly of New York Post, and only found out this morning he had deleted his twitter and possibly lost his job. If true, that is unfortunate that it came at the hands of a twitter mob.

Look, I have long had a love/hate relationship with Hubbuch and he has said some things I definitely disagree with on the regular. However, the tweet in question was one of his more innocuous ones and certainly not worthy of a twitter mob or a job dismissal.

I guess Nolan is a Boston sports fan. Color me shocked. Boston sports fans can be some of the worst so the heckling and twitter mob comes as no surprise. The biggest irony here is that Nolan herself is a troll as is the majority of her network. Fox Sports’ main shtick is troll sports. Disagreement is good so long as it’s done in a healthy fashion but targeted abuse should never be tolerated.

Next, we had the battle of the accents where I went head to head with Justin Twell, my cohort at Inside The Pylon. Twell took at look at the Minnesota Vikings linebackers and was an early proponent of how good the Zimmer defense could be this season. Sam Bradford looked good in his first start for the Vikings but will it continue? We also discussed the Green Bay Packers and their offensive issues despite having Jordy Nelson back. We round up the segment with Week 3 picks.

This week was sadly another banner week in police killings of unarmed civilians. We discussed the important work Wesley Lowery and others are doing for The Washington Post chronicling this issue and bringing attention to the record setting year America is experiencing with this issue. We must face this crisis and do something about it starting with eliminating paid leave when a police officer shoots an unarmed civilian.

Separate from the shootings, but equally important, is the failure of law enforcement to render aid to those they shoot. This act must be separated from the initial shooting and judged alone. How we treat victims says everything about us as a society and we cannot allow this failure to continue. The failure to render aid must be treated as police misconduct and punished accordingly.

Finally, we touched up the big news of the day and that is of course the split between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Once a cheater always a cheater huh? Jennifer Aniston won. Having said that, hopefully these two will keep their children in mind as they continue the unbinding process.

You can listen to today’s episode here.



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