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Tears Of A Clown Podcast Wrap Up

Special Snowflake Sharona is back with another episode of Back Talk with a buckle up your boots its time to fight episode.

Hello America did you wake up this morning and realize you are living in a fascist country? The first step is recognition. This is what happens when you elect someone wholly unfit and absolutely unqualified to run the highest office in the land. It is what happens when you elect someone who pledges to run your government like a private business.

Newsflash: Your government is not a private business it works for you the public. Did you also notice your government is now prohibiting public agencies from providing you with basic public information? Did you notice your president is naming a media outlet his official propaganda source? ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?

If you are concerned, and truly you should be, what can you do now must be high in your thoughts. First, have difficult conversations. As citizens we must talk about issues that are vital to our nation. If a “Stick to Sports” person comes at you tell them to stick it. Sports are cool and fun but your democracy ranks a hell of a lot higher on the totem poll.
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