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True Colors Podcast Wrap Up

Absolute monarchies are those in which all power is given to or, as is more often the case, taken by, the monarch. Examples of absolute power corrupting are Roman emperors (who declared themselves gods) and Napoleon Bonaparte (who declared himself an emperor). Lord Acton

Yesterday the Steve Bannon administration (I refuse to call it Trump’s he is just a puppet) fired acting attorney general Sally Yates for performing her job. Yates, like all the courts who have reviewed it, found Bannon’s executive order, commonly referred to as the #MuslimBan, to be unconstitutional and as her job requires said so and that the Justice Department would not subject tax payers to defending things in violation of their constitution. She got fired for it.

We are roughly eleven days into the Bannon administration and it has already led this country to a constitutional crisis. The fabric of our nation is under attack and we can no longer rely on our elected officials to right these wrongs without our assistance and oversight. The Democrats spent the first week of this crisis trying to grow a spine and failing utterly. We, the people, are the ones who started the process rolling to stop the Bannon administration from attempting to seize and consolidate power. We must not stop!

The fight is far from over.

It remains imperative that the public get access to information not only on what the administration is doing publicly but behind the scenes. We need federal employees who have an understandably profound distaste about working for this administration to remain in place to help us gain this information and to separate fact from fiction. Bannon does not and never has cared about facts only the ideology of hate and intolerance.

The Bannon administration in a mere week’s time has violated the most fundamental principle of our nation’s democracy and will not stop unless stopped. The Separation of Powers doctrine is in place to ensure that our democracy does not fall to totalitarianism. They are already ignoring this most basic fundamental which violates our most sacred document and doctrine. This cannot be allowed to continue.

If we the people work together we shall not be defeated nor shall our democracy fail. Let your voices be heard.

I firmly believe it is imperative we find out exactly what happened with our 2016 presidential election. Did top GOP officials collude with a foreign government, namely Russia, to steal or influence the election as the evidence suggests? If so, what is the appropriate remedy for this treason? Invalidating of the election is the only appropriate measure.

Impeachment serves no purpose if those who participated in this activity remain in place and take control. Such a travesty of justice must not be allowed to happen. It will be the judicial branch that will set the framework should the Bannon administration continue to violate the constitution. Lawsuits are being filed all over the country over actions that already violate the Constitution.

Now more than ever it is vital that our voices be heard. Loudly and strongly. This is our country and I still believe the majority of us believe in and support the Constitution. A robust citizenry birthed this country and brought it to life from under tyranny. It would be a damn shame if we let it fall because of apathy or partisan politics.

You can listen to today’s podcast here.



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