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Baby Come Back Podcast Wrap Up

Back Talk returned with special guest Robyn Mundy of The Bills Wire for a post script on Super Bowl LI and how the Atlanta Falcons choked away an epic lead on their way to losing to the New England Patriots in overtime. Then, we gave you an update on the Buffalo Bills and whether Tyrod Taylor should quarterback the Bills in 2017. Finally, we took on the topic of Pro Football Hall of Fame voting and the controversy over wide receiver Terrell Owens.

In our first segment, we discussed how the Falcons earned the title “most epic choke job in sports history” Sunday night giving up a 25 point lead in the second half on the way to a Patriots win in overtime. It was weird watching the Falcons act like they didn’t have the biggest lead in Super Bowl history. From colossal clock mismanagement to their failure to run the ball to unfortunate penalties, the Falcons completed the trifecta of failure and only have themselves to blame for their loss.

Next, we looked at the state of the Buffalo Bills and what went wrong in the short lived Rex Ryan era. The Tyrod Taylor question looms large over the franchise. Good quarterbacks don’t grow on trees. Will they or should they let Taylor walk? We also discussed whether general manager Doug Whaley is on the hot seat.

In our final segment,  we looked at the Pro Football Hall of Fame vote and the exclusion of wide receiver Terrell Owens from the nominees. In his second year of eligibility, he didn’t even make the first vote cut down to ten. The diva wide receiver famously was a disruptive figure on many of his stops in the National Football League yet his numbers are irrefutable.

Owens made the rounds because he was disruptive on occasions on the sidelines and in the locker room. However, he was also disruptive on the field and the numbers speak volumes. Simply put, he was one of the best. It is past time he made it into Canton.

You can listen to today’s podcast here.


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