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A Postscript On Love, Death and Saying Goodbye

On #NationalDogDay #NeverForget the best dog ever

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There is a time for every season or so the saying goes. A time for love, a time for death and a time for moving on. They also say with great love comes great responsibility and thus our story begins and ends.

I first met Libby when she was roughly 18 months old, the dirtiest raggiest excuse for a mutt you have ever seen. I was looking to replace my last pet, another mutt who went to live with my Father who was lonely and missing the love of his life too, my Mother who had passed on a couple of years prior. Pet Finder led me to a private shelter to look at another animal there but it was Libby who ended up coming home with me.

Our first night together she got a bath which revealed she was not in fact brown and tan but a lovely shade…

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Et Tu Amy Schumer?

Full disclosure: I never fully warmed to Amy Schumer though I never publicly said so until now. Her particular brand of comedy never appealed to me but I recognized the importance in what she did for comedy and for women in particular.

Having said that, I was rather surprised to learn she employed one Kurt Metzger as a writer and contributor to her comedy show on Comedy Central Inside Amy Schumer. Metzger has long been known as a bully to women online and is an open “rape apologist.” He has also openly copped to being an abuser toward an intimate partner.

Why then did Schumer employ him having full knowledge of who and what he is? Don’t ask Amy Schumer. She is reportedly blocking anyone asking these questions on twitter and has made an inconsistent series of comments regarding the matter.

Nice promo there by Schumer huh. Let me refuse to answer any questions about employing a known and admitted abuser of women but ZOMG PLEASE YOU GUYS BUY MY BOOK.


When you are a survivor you tend to develop a pretty good compass for people who talk the talk but do not walk the walk. Perhaps this explains why I never was a big fan. Regardless, its a terribly bad look for a female comedienne when the genre is struggling to make the environment safer for women.

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There Are No Safe Places For Women

Sports By Sharona

From Lady GaGa’s performance at the Academy Awards, to the Peyton Manning story, to the music industry (including the indie music scene), to the Erin Andrews trial, there is one important lesson to be learned. There are no “safe places” for women.

Undoubtedly, women have come a long way but recent events have shown there is still a long way to go. The struggle of Kesha Rose to break free and Lady GaGa’s public disclosure of her own rape have shown a light on the music industry. The Erin Andrews trial not only castes some real shadows over the monolith that is ESPN, it also shines a light on how the legal establishment views women.

Despite recent gains, women still must watch their back when it comes to protection of their person and their character. Want to go to college? One in 5 women (and one in 16 men) are sexually…

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