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Ring The Bell Podcast Wrap Up

Happy Friday! Thanks to Justin Twell (@JustinTwell78) for the segment we did for Wednesday’s show with Week 3 picks, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers and more. Be sure to check out Inside The Pylon  and read his great work there. You can find my own work there too including my latest DFS Diary.

In today’s show we asked whether we will let Cam Newton live already? Newton is a grown man who should be allowed to determine what’s best for him and his family. Not everyone wants to protest or be an advocate and that is okay.

We all come to enlightenment in our own way and in our own space. Colin Kaepernick, who jump started this valuable conversation in our country, came to his own personal advocacy in his own time. Not everyone changes the world in a big way. Sometimes, its the small steps that make all the difference.

We can all be better friends, better neighbors, and better co-workers. In our own interpersonal communications we can change a life and maybe, just maybe, change our own little worlds. They say all politics is local and change most frequently occurs in small minute levels.

Let’s be that change.
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Thunder Road Podcast Wrap Up

In Friday’s edition of Back Talk The Podcast we took on the NFL and its abject failure to properly enforce its own rules in the wake of last night’s beating rendered to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Newton and his head were targeted repeatedly by the Denver Broncos defense and  yet the officials conveniently overlooked it the entire game. Oh wait, they did call one instance late in the fourth quarter but had the gall to call Newton for intentional grounding as well because his pass didn’t reach the line of scrimmage.

The penalties offset because apparently getting your head beat in is as bad as your pass not reaching the line of scrimmage.

The concussion protocol is important but its far more important for game officials to do their job. The concussion protocol is only the end result of illegal hits and should not be used as a primary means of stopping them. You should of course be concerned but to correct the issue you have to address the source.

It is incumbent on game officials to nip bad behavior in the bud at its inception. They are the gatekeeper through which bad behavior is funneled. It either stops or escalates depending on how the officials handle it. Last night, they failed and the league must address it.

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