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Back Talk Weekly Roundup August 26

Busy week here at Back Talk as we hosted three regular podcasts instead of the typical two. We generally try to accommodate guests and their schedule and it just worked out that way. Next week we will return to a regular schedule of two weekly podcasts and hopefully at least one episode of Down and Dirty With Sharona.

Monday’s show featured a discussion with Officer Darren Clark of People Focused Policing on the deadly events that went down nationwide, and in Dallas, not long ago, and how we can best improve communication between law enforcement and the communities they serve. This is an ongoing conversation and we remain committed to making sure people remember those who unwillingly and tragically lost their lives to this conversation. You can follow Officer Darren on twitter at @DarrenC347.
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Fear and Loathing On the Internet

Fear and loathing on the internet is at an all time high. We seem to living in a “hive mind” generation where clicks and likes matter more than empathy and compassion. We are living in a time when people want to identify as <insert label> instead of as human beings with similar needs/wants/desires.

What binds us is far more powerful and strong than what divides us but one must be willing to operate not only with an open mind but with an open heart. Do we engage with someone we disagree with in a constructive way? If we disagree, and the debate gets heated, do we follow up with that person and accept our differences in a positive manner? There is no shame in an agree to disagree mindset.

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