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Hard Out Here Podcast Wrap Up

Happy October! Thanks to Josh Taylor (@JoshTaylorHD) for joining me on Wednesday’s show to discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers, their injury situation and whether Mike Tomlin should be on the hot seat. We also brought you Week 4 NFL picks. 

Today’s show was one of our Saturday offerings and featured this week’s Chopping It Up with Matt Wood (@w00dstok). We talked about #debatenight and the news concerning Donald Trump violating the Cuba embargo in 1998. We also discussed how women who are the most qualified still can’t get credit and “The Gary Johnson Question.”

We finished up the non sports hour with a discussion on the John Greathouse Op Ed telling women to pretend to be men in order to get tech jobs. Sure he apologized but there is a troubling trend in academia and media right now that must be addressed. Speaking out on these issues is important and why sticking to sports isn’t going to cut it.

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Thunder Road Podcast Wrap Up

In Friday’s edition of Back Talk The Podcast we took on the NFL and its abject failure to properly enforce its own rules in the wake of last night’s beating rendered to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Newton and his head were targeted repeatedly by the Denver Broncos defense and  yet the officials conveniently overlooked it the entire game. Oh wait, they did call one instance late in the fourth quarter but had the gall to call Newton for intentional grounding as well because his pass didn’t reach the line of scrimmage.

The penalties offset because apparently getting your head beat in is as bad as your pass not reaching the line of scrimmage.

The concussion protocol is important but its far more important for game officials to do their job. The concussion protocol is only the end result of illegal hits and should not be used as a primary means of stopping them. You should of course be concerned but to correct the issue you have to address the source.

It is incumbent on game officials to nip bad behavior in the bud at its inception. They are the gatekeeper through which bad behavior is funneled. It either stops or escalates depending on how the officials handle it. Last night, they failed and the league must address it.

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Back Talk Weekly Roundup August 26

Busy week here at Back Talk as we hosted three regular podcasts instead of the typical two. We generally try to accommodate guests and their schedule and it just worked out that way. Next week we will return to a regular schedule of two weekly podcasts and hopefully at least one episode of Down and Dirty With Sharona.

Monday’s show featured a discussion with Officer Darren Clark of People Focused Policing on the deadly events that went down nationwide, and in Dallas, not long ago, and how we can best improve communication between law enforcement and the communities they serve. This is an ongoing conversation and we remain committed to making sure people remember those who unwillingly and tragically lost their lives to this conversation. You can follow Officer Darren on twitter at @DarrenC347.
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Back Talk Podcast Put It Down Recap

Today on the podcast we touched upon many subjects such as Ryan Lochte, the 2016 Rio Olympics, and the latest news in the NFL. This week we also started important conversations about making comedy safe for women, how best to improve relationships between law enforcement and our communities, and why men (still) demand, and get, the right to legislate access to women’s bodies and what they choose to wear. As always we touched upon the role of the media in how to better frame these conversations.

There are no easy answers to many of the questions we posed today but our goal is to keep talking about these issues in the hope that discussion will lead to a better conversation and ultimately better results. How, and why, we talk about things matter. What the media chooses to discuss and how it goes about framing the narrative are equally important.

On Friday’s show we return to our discussion on privacy in the internet age and how we interact with one another, particularly those with whom we disagree. Its an important discussion with harassment and online cruelty at an all time high. Social media is a powerful tool that can help bring us together or that will continue to drive us apart.

If you missed today’s podcast you can listen below and follow our guests on twitter OJ Spivey @OJPhilly and Jennifer Eakins at @themondaymommy.