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I Can’t Stop Thinking About the #SexStrike

Alyssa Milano’s #SexStrike is concerning for a lot of reasons, starting with how only women are centered in the debate. It also ignores an unfortunate reality. It is simply not an option for those in an abusive relationship.

There are many good reasons why Milano’s sex strike sparked a controversy on social media. Unfortunately, much of the discussion ignores how this choice doesn’t play out practically in the real world, and is simply not an option for those in an abusive relationship.

It also centers women in a conversation that must strive to be more inclusive. If you are concerned about topics like abortion, and intimate partner violence, move away from centering women and include others who also deserve to be part of that conversation. We must become allies not adversaries.

Apart from being grossly manipulative, this strike strikes me as naive in how power dynamics work in actual relationships. It reinforces the notion that marginalized bodies are commodities. While sex strikes have been known to work when seeking a specific goal, bartering sexual favors in exchange for recognition of equality strikes me as unattainable.

Likewise, a stance asking marginalized people to fraternize only with those of like mind ignores the reality that “woke” individuals are sometimes not much better than their counterparts. It’s easy to proclaim you are an ally. Actions always speak louder than words. Far too often someone reveals their true colors only after they have attained their goal. Once in an abusive relationship, it is incredibly difficult to get out.

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Back Talk Podcast Put It Down Recap

Today on the podcast we touched upon many subjects such as Ryan Lochte, the 2016 Rio Olympics, and the latest news in the NFL. This week we also started important conversations about making comedy safe for women, how best to improve relationships between law enforcement and our communities, and why men (still) demand, and get, the right to legislate access to women’s bodies and what they choose to wear. As always we touched upon the role of the media in how to better frame these conversations.

There are no easy answers to many of the questions we posed today but our goal is to keep talking about these issues in the hope that discussion will lead to a better conversation and ultimately better results. How, and why, we talk about things matter. What the media chooses to discuss and how it goes about framing the narrative are equally important.

On Friday’s show we return to our discussion on privacy in the internet age and how we interact with one another, particularly those with whom we disagree. Its an important discussion with harassment and online cruelty at an all time high. Social media is a powerful tool that can help bring us together or that will continue to drive us apart.

If you missed today’s podcast you can listen below and follow our guests on twitter OJ Spivey @OJPhilly and Jennifer Eakins at @themondaymommy.