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Do U Wanna Touch Podcast Wrap Up

Back Talk braves the fury of Hurricane Matthew to go live to Florida and not even sickness can stop us from bringing you hot Tennessee Titans versus Miami Dolphins talk with Lisa London (@leedoglaw) plus this week’s fantasy football fix and more. Then, we also discussed Donald Trump, male entitlement to women’s bodies, and this big thing called consent. It was real and it was spectacular.

Donald Trump sparked another controversy yesterday when a video surfaced with comments he made about women and sexual assault several years ago. This isn’t a shocker if you know who he is but it does highlight once again the dangers in voting this man into our nation’s highest office.

Sexual assault and rape aren’t particularly pleasant topics and historically have been swept under the rug and never discussed. Times as they say are a changing. More and more women are coming forward with their experiences regarding violation of their bodily integrity and failure of society to protect them and punish the offenders. These stories are hard to hear and/or read but its vital that we as a society pay attention.

In movies and popular culture, rape was historically viewed as a “stranger crime” with no discussion of the real and troubling truth that most women face these issues regularly from family members and acquaintances. How many women have had their mothers, aunts and grandmums follow them and watch them closely when they are around “that uncle, “that cousin”, or “that acquaintance?” I bet the number would shock you.

As troubling as those comments were, it might not have been the worst news to come out about Trump this past week. He also said he still wanted the Central Park 5 executed despite DNA evidence exonerating them from any crime. The Republican Party has a serious issue with science, or lack of understanding thereof, that must not and cannot be ignored.

In our sports segment, we welcomed Lisa London (@leedoglaw) back to the show to discuss the hot fantasy matchup that will be this week’s Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins turnover fest. We also discussed how fantasy wide receivers have been a huge disappointment this year plus the Odell Beckham Jr. situation. Finally, what fantasy football streamers should you look at this week? We have your answers.

You can listen to today’s podcast here.

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Hard Out Here Podcast Wrap Up

Happy October! Thanks to Josh Taylor (@JoshTaylorHD) for joining me on Wednesday’s show to discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers, their injury situation and whether Mike Tomlin should be on the hot seat. We also brought you Week 4 NFL picks. 

Today’s show was one of our Saturday offerings and featured this week’s Chopping It Up with Matt Wood (@w00dstok). We talked about #debatenight and the news concerning Donald Trump violating the Cuba embargo in 1998. We also discussed how women who are the most qualified still can’t get credit and “The Gary Johnson Question.”

We finished up the non sports hour with a discussion on the John Greathouse Op Ed telling women to pretend to be men in order to get tech jobs. Sure he apologized but there is a troubling trend in academia and media right now that must be addressed. Speaking out on these issues is important and why sticking to sports isn’t going to cut it.

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Ring The Bell Podcast Wrap Up

Happy Friday! Thanks to Justin Twell (@JustinTwell78) for the segment we did for Wednesday’s show with Week 3 picks, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers and more. Be sure to check out Inside The Pylon  and read his great work there. You can find my own work there too including my latest DFS Diary.

In today’s show we asked whether we will let Cam Newton live already? Newton is a grown man who should be allowed to determine what’s best for him and his family. Not everyone wants to protest or be an advocate and that is okay.

We all come to enlightenment in our own way and in our own space. Colin Kaepernick, who jump started this valuable conversation in our country, came to his own personal advocacy in his own time. Not everyone changes the world in a big way. Sometimes, its the small steps that make all the difference.

We can all be better friends, better neighbors, and better co-workers. In our own interpersonal communications we can change a life and maybe, just maybe, change our own little worlds. They say all politics is local and change most frequently occurs in small minute levels.

Let’s be that change.
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You Keep Running (Away) Podcast Wrap Up

Back Talk took on several issues today including the recent settlement by Fox News to Gretchen Carlson, among others, as well as the departure of Greta Van Susteran. The Fox settlement is significant in so many ways and not just because the monetary amount (reportedly $20 million) is so high.

First, and foremost, the bravery of the many women coming forward to speak on issues such as abuse and harassment should not be underscored nor should it be ignored. It takes a lot to make that decision because you know the repercussions will be swift, sneaky and subtle. These repercussions won’t always be hard to prove. You are exposing yourself, and your career, to a system that is largely unsympathetic and broken. Its a system that puts the victims on trial and dehumanizes her while the alleged perpetrator historically gets excuses and forgiveness.

Second, the solidarity of women across all boundaries is important. Once Carlson filed her lawsuit, many women came forward with support and their own stories as well. As with Bill Cosby, the sheer volume was impossible to ignore. The lessons learned from the Cosby story and the Fox scandal will resonate for years to come. Hopefully, progress and change will come as well.

Last, but certainly not least, Fox News did something virtually unprecedented in its settlement agreement. It admitted liability and pledged to make changes. Typically, settlements come with no admission of guilt even if promises of change are part and parcel of the agreement. The acknowledgement that the allegations of harassment at Fox is wrong and will not be tolerated sends a huge message that women must be treated professionally.

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Back In the Saddle Podcast Wrap Up

College football has returned and boy is Butch Jones really going to hate us again this year. The Vols nearly laid a stinker and looked out coached and under prepared in their first game Thursday night against Appalachian State. One game does not a season make but that Rocky Top hype isn’t looking so fun anymore now is it?

Army wasn’t very good in 2015 but they rocked the football world by beating Temple Friday night. We talked to Dan Head (@dan_t_head) about the game, the triple option, and Army’s 2 headed quarterback situation. Army has a tough schedule but could be fun to watch this season.

Big news out of the NFL Saturday morning when the Philadelphia Eagles traded quarterback Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings, who just lost Teddy Bridgewater for the season. How does that affect fantasy football? We chatted with Katie Flower (@FF_Skylar399) about how it affected Adrian Peterson, Stefon Diggs and Ryan Matthews. We also discussed Tajae Sharpe, Demarco Murray, Derrick Henry and the Titans offense.

Back Talk is going to do more Saturday morning podcasts for those who work through the week so that anyone interested can have an opportunity to come on the show. If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, you can hit Sharona up on twitter at @SportsBySharona.

Listen to today’s podcast here.