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Titans Should Sign Colin Kaepernick #TitanUp

The Tennessee Titans were curb stomped Sunday in Houston in a Week 4 loss to a division rival, losing to the Texans 57-14. The score was bad but the news from the game was even worse. Quarterback Marcus Mariota suffered a hamstring injury late in the second quarter and did not return. He is scheduled for an MRI today.

Enter backup quarterback Matt Cassel, a 13 year veteran who has been the Titans backup since 2016. The results were disastrous. He would finish four of 10 for 21 yards, two interceptions, including one pick six, and a sack fumble. The remainder were three and outs. Details below.

First drive 3 and Out

Second drive 3 and Out

Third Drive Interception

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Iggy Stardust Podcast Wrap Up

Special Snowflake Sharona returned with another episode of Back Talk with special guest Mirza Alfaro to discuss gaming, sports and the latest in immigration from whoever the hell is running the insane asylum that is the White House these days.

First up, we talked gaming and what games appeal to us as women. Gaming franchises suffer from the same issues that companies like Twitter do. They don’t know who they are or what they want to be. Instead of focusing on what made the product great they look over their shoulders at what everyone else is doing and try to replicate it. Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery but it will kill your product. #Message

Next, we talked some sports and the current state of the Tennessee Titans. The Titans have been a mess for several years but things finally might be on the upswing. Cornerback, and the entire secondary, is the area that needs addressing the most either via the draft or free agency. Marcus Mariota is young, but improving, and with a solid run game the future is bright for the team.

Finally, we talked about immigration and the discriminatory nature of the current White House and why the atmosphere of hate is so troubling. The current administration uses hate and policies derived therefrom to hide the greed pervading the cabinet appointments and what is to come. Americans are paying attention now and becoming increasingly involved in the process. Together, we can make a difference.

You can listen to today’s episode here.

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Just One of the Guys Podcast Wrap Up

Well, we finally did it. We’ve been promising to address the harassment and intimidation claims against Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton and we did on today’s show. Its a difficult topic and hopefully we handled it with the sensitivity it requires.

First, a disclaimer of sorts I suppose. I have been ambivalent about HRC for a good while. Watching this year’s election cycle has changed that and brought me on board. I realize now that a large portion of my ambivalence was due to the coverage of her as I was maturing and my own bias toward how women in power should shake, rattle and roll.

HRC has been in the public eye since I can remember first as Bill Clinton’s spouse and then as a powerful force in her own right. I admitted it before and I will admit it again. I judged her based on how she responded to Bill’s infidelity. Sometimes we unconsciously project our experiences onto others.

Debate coverage has been generally inconsistent at best. This has been true overall and most true in the aftermath of the second presidential debate. From my perspective, the second debate was one of HRC’s finest moments. Yet I saw headlines saying Trump won because he didn’t poop all over himself. The double standard has been incredibly strong in election coverage and has colored much of the perception of HRC.

We finally come full circle back to discuss Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathy Shelton. First, we discussed abuse and the dynamics of truth and believability. THERE ARE NO PERFECT OR TYPICAL VICTIMS. Victims desperately want to be believed and inconsistencies happen. This doesn’t mean you ignore them but its important that you understand it. 

We started with the sexual harassment claims by Jones and Willey. Jones case is the most infamous because it is there that a large part of the dirt was spilled regarding Bill Clinton’s alleged horndoggery ways. It is where the infamous Broaddrick affidavit surfaced which forms much of the basis of the questioning of her claims.

We chose not to focus on any alleged inconsistencies in any of these cases today. Instead, we looked for evidence of intimidation or harassment by HRC personally against any of these women and found litle to none. Jones has never made any but Willey has made such claims, chief among them that her husband who committed suicide was killed by the Clintons.

No evidence has ever been found substantiating her intimation claims but that hasn’t stopped her. In search of evidence we visited Willey’s twitter feed which we found atrocious and gross.  Perhaps the most troubling evidence about Willey is that she was paid to make appearances for Trump. You can find a link to the Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey cases here.

Broaddrick was 35 years old when the alleged rape happened. Clinton was Arkansas Attorney General at the time and she was having a meeting with him. The details of what went down and the aftermath are well documented in this Buzzfeed article by Katie J.M. Baker.

Broaddrick’s claim was weakened by the aforementioned affidavit and other issues none of which were focused on today. Instead, we looked at the evidence of harassment and intimidation she has lodged against HRC. It arises out of one meeting between the two shortly after her alleged rape occurred, but before she had come forward publicly. As Jill Abramson relates in this Guardian piece:

“She came directly to me as soon as she hit the door … She caught me and took my hand and said: ‘I am so happy to meet you. I want you to know that we
appreciate everything you do for Bill.’”

Its a stretch to reach an inference of intimidation here but its understandable to want support from another woman, even if the alleged perpetrator is her spouse or significant other.

Kathy Shelton was 12 when she was raped by 41-year-old factory worker named Thomas Alfred Taylor. A young Hillary Rodham was appointed to his defense, against her wishes and despite requests to be able to withdraw. She did her job, including an attack on the credibility of the young complainant, and as a result of prosecution mistakes was able to get a favorable plea deal for him.

Shelton didn’t know for a long time who had represented Taylor and discovered it as a result of an article published in 2008. She didn’t come forward to support Trump until 2016 and has done so because she believes HRC laughed at her.

The evidence concerning this laughing incident can be found in full in this Heavy piece including the audio where the conversation took place. The discussion centers around the absurdity of the legal system within which she was forced to maneuver in order to do her job.

Its understandable why abuse victims would have strong emotions about the Clintons, particularly Bill Clinton. What is less understandable is how these women can support a man whose past contains similar allegations.

In our sports segment, we welcomed Robyn Mundy (@RobynMundyWYO) of The Bills Mafia and The Bills Wire to update us on the Buffalo Bills. We discussed young quarterback Tyrod Taylor and the firing of Greg Roman, Finally, we discussed the addition of Rob Ryan to the defense and the season it is having.

You can listen to today’s podcast here.



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Do U Wanna Touch Podcast Wrap Up

Back Talk braves the fury of Hurricane Matthew to go live to Florida and not even sickness can stop us from bringing you hot Tennessee Titans versus Miami Dolphins talk with Lisa London (@leedoglaw) plus this week’s fantasy football fix and more. Then, we also discussed Donald Trump, male entitlement to women’s bodies, and this big thing called consent. It was real and it was spectacular.

Donald Trump sparked another controversy yesterday when a video surfaced with comments he made about women and sexual assault several years ago. This isn’t a shocker if you know who he is but it does highlight once again the dangers in voting this man into our nation’s highest office.

Sexual assault and rape aren’t particularly pleasant topics and historically have been swept under the rug and never discussed. Times as they say are a changing. More and more women are coming forward with their experiences regarding violation of their bodily integrity and failure of society to protect them and punish the offenders. These stories are hard to hear and/or read but its vital that we as a society pay attention.

In movies and popular culture, rape was historically viewed as a “stranger crime” with no discussion of the real and troubling truth that most women face these issues regularly from family members and acquaintances. How many women have had their mothers, aunts and grandmums follow them and watch them closely when they are around “that uncle, “that cousin”, or “that acquaintance?” I bet the number would shock you.

As troubling as those comments were, it might not have been the worst news to come out about Trump this past week. He also said he still wanted the Central Park 5 executed despite DNA evidence exonerating them from any crime. The Republican Party has a serious issue with science, or lack of understanding thereof, that must not and cannot be ignored.

In our sports segment, we welcomed Lisa London (@leedoglaw) back to the show to discuss the hot fantasy matchup that will be this week’s Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins turnover fest. We also discussed how fantasy wide receivers have been a huge disappointment this year plus the Odell Beckham Jr. situation. Finally, what fantasy football streamers should you look at this week? We have your answers.

You can listen to today’s podcast here.

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Rocking Me Baby Podcast Wrap Up

Back Talk returned to politics today with a discussion on #debatenight and what it was like being a woman watching the country’s most powerful female politician continually interrupted by her opponent.


Any woman with a brain and an opinion can safely say we’ve experienced our fair share of the talkover. Girl children learn to deal with this early on and Clinton handled it to perfection. Bottom line, you smile pleasantly and deal with it as best you can.


Trump interrupted Clinton repeatedly in the roughly hour and a half debate. We were wrong on the podcast when we said 31 times it was a whopping 51 times. Lester Holt seems like a nice man but he may not have the strong personality required to moderate these debates and keep The Donald under control.

The Donald also made a number of interesting statements during the debate and repeatedly contradicted himself. This is nothing new. Fact checking has long revealed a number of outright fibs by The Donald but his die hard supporters, a large variety of whom appear to actively hate women, don’t seem to care.


As with most everything, I tend to agree with John Oliver on the two main candidates. Clinton has her issues but Trump is utterly incompetent to lead this country. Trump’s racist and misogynistic agenda must be stopped or we are in a world of trouble.

This debate and the remaining two, if they are done at all, won’t change those minds and there likely aren’t very many who are undecided. If anything, they might spur more commitment to actually getting out to vote which is important. Exercise your right to vote its the most important fundamental right we possess.

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