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Third Saturday In October Podcast Wrap Up

Its the Third Saturday In October podcast you’ve all been waiting for! We sat down with Erik Evans of @RollBamaRoll, SB Nation’s Alabama Football fansite to discuss the game and the keys for each team. He gave us his thoughts as well on the job Butch Jones is doing and LSU firing Les Miles. We also touched upon whether Dak Prescott should keep his job and more Buffalo Bills chatter.

This week’s fantasy football segment was brought to you courtesy of last night’s Going For Two with @Zach_Law and Sharona and our guest 4 For 4 Football’s Mike Woellert (@Mike_Woellert). Mike is also a Cleveland Browns fan so we discussed the upcoming game against the Tennessee Titans. Finally, we brought you Week 6 NFL picks.

In our non sports discussion, this week’s Chopping It Up with Matt Wood (@w00dstok) revolved around Yahoo’s security breach, the decision to allow the government to scan our emails, and the discrimination lawsuit filed by 2 former male editors. Those cases have a lot of moving parts and we will be following them closely

You can listen to today’s podcast here.


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Hard Out Here Podcast Wrap Up

Happy October! Thanks to Josh Taylor (@JoshTaylorHD) for joining me on Wednesday’s show to discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers, their injury situation and whether Mike Tomlin should be on the hot seat. We also brought you Week 4 NFL picks. 

Today’s show was one of our Saturday offerings and featured this week’s Chopping It Up with Matt Wood (@w00dstok). We talked about #debatenight and the news concerning Donald Trump violating the Cuba embargo in 1998. We also discussed how women who are the most qualified still can’t get credit and “The Gary Johnson Question.”

We finished up the non sports hour with a discussion on the John Greathouse Op Ed telling women to pretend to be men in order to get tech jobs. Sure he apologized but there is a troubling trend in academia and media right now that must be addressed. Speaking out on these issues is important and why sticking to sports isn’t going to cut it.

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